Security is nice, but it’s so… secure. Peering into the dark forest and discovering something new should always drive us, and I know I don’t want that security to hold me back from writing content, building a portfolio, or telling stories; whether they are yours or mine.

Because the battle between security and risk is so great, building an online portfolio is both exciting and terrifying. It’s exciting because I want to create and see Writer Gone Wild grow; it’s terrifying in that I’m advertising myself with a small but powerful (and soon-to-be growing) portfolio.

So stay tuned, and don’t be afraid to take a chance. As my portfolio grows I hope you get in contact so I can help tell your story too.

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From The Vault – The Gwangju News (South Korea)

On two occasions between 2000 and 2004 I was an English teacher in South Korea. It was an amazing experience where I discovered many of my strengths and weaknesses. Aside from teaching I divided my time fairly equally between hiking, working out, riding my motorcycle in reckless fashion, and staying up way too late with my friends. One thing I did do in my spare moments was contribute to the local foreigner newspaper, the Gwangju News.

As a features writer I pitched stories, worked with editors, and most importantly, wrote stories based on my experiences. Being the early days of both the foreigner community in Korea and the Gwangju News there sadly aren’t digital records of those articles, but not only do the original files exist, but looking back they show the early stages of Writer Gone Wild. (Links have been added recently)

The Great Outdoors: June 2004  Gwangju.Outdoors

The Best Ride in Korea: May 2004  Gwangju.Motorcycles

A Walk in the Park – A Weekend in Jirisan: February 2004  Gwangju.Hiking

Big City Nights: November 2003

A Healthier Gwangju: October 2003  Gwangju.Gym 

From The Vault – BootsnAll (early 2000’s)

BootsnAll is a travel website that has been a staple for world weary travellers since the early days of the internet. I don’t recall signing the original (1997) BootsnAll Code of Conduct, but as I had a two-part article published I must have. It certainly would have been in line with my thinking at the time, and my on-going commitment to beer, facial hair, and t-shirts should attest to my credibility. The following articles would have been written and published sometime in 2000 or 2001, as evidenced by the spelling of Korean cities that now use ‘G’ as the capital letter (ie: Gwangju) instead of the previously phonetically accepted ‘K’ (Kwangju).

“Karaoke With The Monks, Dog Soup, and Beyond”                                                                                                                                                                            Part 1  Part 2

BootsnAll Travel Network Reviews | Glassdoor.ca






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